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USCGC Ingham

CIRCA 1936

The 327-foot U. S. Coast Guard Cutter Ingham was commissioned in 1936 and served for 52 years until it was retired in 1988.During World War II she served on convoy duty in the North Atlantic and has been credited with the sinking of German U-boat 626. She later served in the Mediterranean and served as the flagship for many landings in the Pacific Theater.Also during World War II, the Ingham carried a crew of over 200 enlisted men and 18 officers. She was a formidable mini-destroyer. Her weapons included 5-inch 38 guns, depth charge racks, 40-millimeter anti-aircraft guns, 20 millimeter and 50 caliber guns, and K-guns. She served as the Command Ship in MacArthur's Maravelles, Corregidor, and Manila campaigns.The Ingham continued to serve during the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam and was awarded two Presidential Citations for her Vietnam service- a rare accomplishment. She is the most decorated ship in the Coast Guard and exhibits the ribbons and battle stars on her bridge.In the 1980s, she was involved in the Caribbean on drug interdiction patrols. She also participated in the Mariel Boat Lift saving the lives of hundreds of Cuban refugees.The Ingham has been declared a National Historic Landmark by the United States Government and is a national memorial to all Coast Guard men and women who lost their lives in battle from World War II through Vietnam. This museum is operated by veterans as a non-profit organization and appreciates your support.